Do Snakes Eat Rabbits? The Top 5 Snakes That Eat Rabbits

There are a number of pet snakes that can and do consume rabbits.

Large pythons such as Bermese and retics, etc can easily handle rabbits, as well as boa constrictors, anacondas and even large bullsnakes will eat them. 

Many snakes will greedily take baby rabbits. (also called kittens)

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Do Snakes Eat Rabbits? Our Top 5

  1. Bermese Pythons
  2. Reticulated Pythons
  3. Boa Constrictors
  4. Bullsnakes
  5. Anacondas
Do snakes eat rabbits

Rock Python” by Alex Griffiths is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Open Wide! How Snakes Swallow Large Prey

Contrary to popular belief snakes don’t unhinge their jaws in order to swallow their meal. Snake jaws aren’t connected like humans and there’s actually nothing to dislocate.

Rather, snakes have special ligaments connecting their jawbones (mandibles) that spread and stretch, quite far in some species, allowing them to open their mouths and swallow meals whole. 

Snakes of course, don’t chew their food like many mammals do; instead they swallow it whole and rely on strong digestive acids to break down the meal.

Digestion can take several days to several weeks depending on environment, temperature and prey size!

Burmese Pythons Eat Rabbits

Burmese pythons are one of the largest snakes on earth.

They typically grow to an average of 16 feet but burms over 20 feet long are also common. Burmese pythons are native to Southern and Southeast Asia but in recent years have become an invasive species found in the Florida Everglades.

Large adult Burmese pythons can take down alligators, pigs, goats, and even deer!

…so it’s not hard to see how they can easily handle eating rabbits.

Reticulated Pythons Eat Rabbits

Reticulated pythons are the world’s longest snake species!

Like the Burmese pythons, retics are native to South and Southeast Asia where they can grow in excess of 20 feet long!

It has even been reported that adult people have been killed (and in some cases) even been eaten by these snakes. 

It has even been reported that adults have been killed (and in some cases) eaten by these snakes.

Reticulated pythons are for experienced snake keepers and should not be a first reptile pet, nor a first snake!

Their immense size, enormous enclosure needs, and potential to kill makes having a lot of snake-keeping experiene a necessity!

Boa Constrictors Eat Rabbits

Boa constrictors are nowhere near the size of the first two snakes on our list but they can still easily feed on rabbits (once they get to size).

Boa females can reach sizes between 7 and 10 feet in length, while males tend to average around 6 to 8 feet.

Boa constrictors are a nice balance between being a large impressive size, yet not overpowering and unmanageable.

They fit a great niche in between large Burmese and retics and “small snakes” for example.

Not too big, but also a good bit bigger than even the biggest ball pythons.

For this reason many snake keepers tend to choose something like a boa constrictor after some experience with smaller snakes like corns or ball pythons. 

Almost as if they are “upgrading.”

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Bullsnakes Can Eat Rabbits

Bullsnakes are large members of the colubrid family; related to corn and king snakes.

Adult bullsnakes average 6 to 8 feet although individuals up to 8 feet long have been seen.

Bullsnakes are among the largest snakes native to the United States and Canda!

Bullsnake diet includes many small mammals like squirrels, mice, gophers and rabbits. The older (and larger) the bullsnake the more likely that rabbit could be on the menu!

Anacondas Eat Rabbits

When end our list with another giant snake, the anaconda! Anacondas are native to South America.

Anacondas hold the record for the heaviest snakes in the world!

Large anacondas (the green anaconda) can reach lengths over 17 feet and can weigh more than 150 lbs!

Fact: | One of the largest ever encountered was over 17 feet long and weighed more than 200 lbs!

Anacondas are unique because they are primarily aquatic. They eat pretty much whatever they want! …as long as they can overpower it, a potential meal it is!

Anacondas feed on large game like tapirs, deer, caimans and capybaras.

Most anaconda keepers (frequently zoos and educational facilities) will feed large prey items like rabbits, small pigs and poultry.

Anacondas are definitely capable of eating rabbits! They are also definitely NOT for beginners!

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