Is a Corn Snake a Good pet?

Corn Snakes make great pets! They are generally docile, easy to care for, and have a long lifespan. However, it’s important to consider individual preferences, allergies, and ability to meet their specific care requirements before deciding if a corn snake is the right pet for you. Corn Snake Species Overview Corn snakes, scientifically known as … Read more

Cuban False Chameleon Diet; What Do False Chameleons Eat?

false chameleon diet

Cuban False Chameleon Diet; What Do False Chameleons Eat? False chameleons, Cuban false chameleons or bearded anoles; whatever you call these incredible little lizards they are known for diets that consist of mostly snails and some small insects, especially in the wild. False chameleons are specialized snail eaters that are able to use their powerful … Read more

Can Chameleons Live Together?

can chameleons live together

Can Chameleons Live Together? So many reptile enthusiasts envision a terrarium or cage filled with plants and branches and a “family” of chameleons (or most any other lizards, geckos, etc) all living together in peace and harmony. How incredible would such an environment be?! The truth about reptiles, in comparison to human families or even … Read more

The Best Black Snakes to Keep as Pets

The Best Black Snakes to keep as pets

The Best Black Snakes To Keep As Pets The sleek and dominating look of an all-black dog, a “spooky” black cat, a big, creepy black spider; all-black animals definitely stand out and make you take notice! As predominantly a reptile keeper, the idea of keeping a badass looking black snake was definitely something I was … Read more

Do Leopard Geckos Have Teeth? Can They Bite?

Do leopard geckos bite

Do Leopard Geckos Have Teeth? Can They Bite? Leopard geckos are known for being docile and making great pets for beginners and even young children. However, leopard geckos can bite! But have no fear, a bite from a leopard gecko is rarely more than a pinch and bruises nothing more than your ego! Leopard Geckos … Read more

Cat Gecko Care; a Comprehensive Guide

cat gecko care

Cat Gecko Care; a Comprehensive Guide Cat geckos are nothing short of spectacular! It is fascinating to watch them methodically stalk their prey and pounce when the time is just right. If that wasn’t enough, observing them with their tails curled around their body just like cats do, is simply adorable! However, cat geckos are … Read more