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Do you think snakes make good pets? Are you longing to keep one as a pet? What is the first thing a parent or a spouse would say if you tell them you want to get a pet snake? Horror? Shock? Did they scream or immediately say, “No way! Not in this house!”

Are they justified with these reactions? Or do snakes actually make good pets? 

Could getting a snake really be better than getting a puppy or kitten?

"Yes it can be," and I'll prove it!

Pet Popularity

According to data released by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) 2017-2018 nearly 57% of U.S. households owned a pet in 2016. The survey determined that dogs lived in 38% of households, while cats were found in 25% of households.

Dogs and cats seem to be the go-to choice for pets in the U.S. However, this trend seems to be changing because there are many newly interested pet owners that are thinking beyond the conventional dog or cat. For example, they want a pet that is different, more exotic, and something a little less conventional. 

One of the most popular of these “exotic” pets are snakes. 

Why Snakes Make Good Pets

  • Snakes are easy to keep
  • They don’t require tons of your time
  • No barking, clawing furniture, or making a mess of trash cans and homework
  • No stinky house or lawn ruined by pet waste
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • You can take vacations and not worry about a sitter or travel arrangements
  • They are unusual and entertaining
  • This list could go on forever…

The most expensive and difficult part about owning a pet snake is the initial set up and purchase of the snake.  After the snakes basic husbandry needs are met their care and maintenance are minimal compared to dogs, cats, and most all other animals. 

Pet Snakes Won't Demand All of Your Time

Your snake won’t need attention and affection the way that a kitten or puppy does. Snakes have a few basic needs, that once met, only require very little time, attention, and maintenance in comparison to the attention that other pets need on an hour-to hour (or at least twice daily) basis.

Snakes Are Quiet Pets

You may have had or know of someone with angry neighbors complaining due to Fido constantly barking or a spouse/parent upset with claw marks and scratches on the sofa and furniture courtesy of Mr. Fluffy the kitty cat. 

Dogs and cats can be downright destructive! They can also be a source of legitimate noise complaints. Even if you live on top of a mountain, the barking and meowing can drive even the most loving owner a little crazy from time to time. 

Speaking of noise, have you ever owned a parrot?!! Yikes!!!

Snakes are very quiet. Sometimes you may hear your snake “hisss” but mostly the only thing you’ll hear from your pet snake is a little bit of rustling as it digs around in its substrate. 

Pet Snakes Won't Stink Up the House

Let’s move away from the obvious odors of dog pooper scoopers and the cat’s litter pan. Have you ever owned a mouse, hamster, rabbit, or (phew) a ferret? If so, you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t the greatest smelling little critters! Those little guys can create quite a stink!!

Most animals will eat at least once or twice a day. If you have pet birds you’ll know that they are eating constantly! …and what happens after an animal eats? They go to the bathroom.

The fact is ALL animals create waste. (Even fish in an aquarium. Take a whiff of the filter box sometime) Snakes create waste just like any other animal. However, snakes eat very infrequently, especially when compared to a dog or cat and therefore create a lot less waste. 

A snakes waste is also contained within its enclosure and not spread all around the house or the back yard. Removal of feces and urine (as well as uneaten food) will ensure a smell-free enclosure and home. 

Snakes Are Great Pets When On a Budget

Snakes don’t require a lot of ongoing costs that other, more popular pets do. Their care is rather inexpensive in comparison to many other animals.

There are no grooming sessions, rabies vaccinations, chew toys, or scratching posts. Once set up and established the ongoing costs of owning a snake are much less than owning other pets. 

Take Worry Free Vacations

It can be difficult to go on vacation if you own a dog, due to either having a hard time finding a sitter/paying for boarding or having to take the dog with you.

Consequently that means paying extra for certain “special” hotels with pet policies and amenities. Furthermore the extra cost and resulting hassle and stress make vacation time a headache. Nobody wants that!

Vacations are supposed to be stress relief! What about an unexpected need to leave town just for a day or two? Try tracking down a pet sitter with absolutely no advance notice!

A pet snake on the other hand, is perfectly content and happy to go periods of time without you being there. Even on extended vacations you may only need someone to “check on things” once, maybe twice a week for a time. 

Snakes Are Not the Average Boring Pet

Oops, did I actually call average, popular pets boring? Well, kind of. 

I love aquariums and pet fish. I have more than one aquarium myself. However, if I’m completely honest, fish aren’t the MOST entertaining thing day in and day out.

That doesn’t make them bad but that also doesn’t make them unusual or exotic either.

Pet snakes are awesome because they are DIFFERENT!!! They are UNUSUAL!! They are EXOTIC!

Everyone has probably either petted or scratched the belly of a dog or cat. In contrast, how many of your friends have run their hands down the back of a snake? Similarly, how many have felt the incredible strength and power of one of these creatures as they crawl and slither through your hands?

There is something unique and different about pet snakes. Snakes aren’t a the run of the mill pet that everyone else has and for that reason, they make AWESOME PETS! 


Yes Indeed!!

Snakes make (not just "good") but GREAT pets!!

If you are interested in a pet snake and want to approach your parents or your spouse with the idea, come prepared.

Be prepared for the typical overly-dramatic, negative, and uneducated reactions that you’ll probably receive. Learn the positives, the benefits of owning a snake so that you can be prepared to defend your position. 

Most often a bad reaction just comes from a lack of understanding and not having enough information. 

I’m hopeful that I could provide you with a bit of education and information to help anyone in your life see and appreciate the benefits of having a pet snake in your life and home!

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  1. It’s interesting to know that snakes won’t stink up your house as they don’t eat as frequently as the other pets. My nephew’s birthday is coming soon and I am thinking to get him a pet snake as a birthday gift as I know how much he fancies the animal. I will make sure to ask his parents first and if they agree, I will find a reliable shop that sells this pet so I can get one for his birthday next week.

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